Latin America

Latin America, with a GDP of U$ 7,200 billion, and a population of 590 million, has proven to be a very attractive region for global multinationals, having solid economic growth - 3.2% p.a. in the last 5 years - in addition to social stability in the last 2 decades.

The vast majority of Latin America, including Mexico and Peru, have achieved a process of rapid economic liberalization which has set the platform for sustained growth. This has positioned the region as particularly attractive - and in contrast with the economic stagnation of the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Latin America's economic integration is growing as result of growing number of trade treaties among neighboring countries and with the United States and Europe, such as NAFTA, CAFTA, Mercosur, Caricom amongst others.

Foreign Direct Investment in the region during 2012 was U$ 170 billion, a growth of 5% with respect to 2011 - and represents 13% of the global total.

As a result, M&A transactions have grown in importance driven by global multinationals and fast growing regional groups acquiring numerous family-owned companies with limited institutional management - yet having important share of market in their countries.

During 2012 close to 1,300 M&A transactions where reported, equivalent to aprox. U$ 100 billion, being Brazil and Mexico the most important. In addition, Colombia and Peru have rapidly grown in relevance.

Latin America

Our firm, having extensive experience in cross-border M&A transactions in Latin America and with on-site local team presence in Mexico and Peru, is ideally positioned to assist global multinationals, regional groups, and family-owned companies in designing and executing their corporate development projects.