Analyst Position

Analysts support the Principal and Associate team in analyzing and executing each step in a variety of concurrent transactions (see Associate’s responsibilities). In addition to perform in-depth research and thorough financial models, they are expected to actively participate at senior-level client presentations and briefings.

Analysts are also assigned to assist in specific office management roles – such as coordinating accounting, recruitment, facilities operations, IT. These assignments serve to round out their on-ground, overall business development.

Teamwork and initiative is encouraged and demanded.

Qualifications: Undergraduate Engineering Major (preferred) from a top Mexican or foreign University, with at least 1 year of high school or college in an English speaking country. Mexican, Central American or Peruvian legal residence is required.

Keen analytical capabilities and an interest to rapidly enhance their verbal / written communications skills in both English and Spanish are a must.

The ideal candidate would have a demonstrated interest in quantitative analysis, a strong work ethic, attention to detail, and ability to work independently or in small teams to deliver results in a fast-paced, often unstructured, environment.

Development: We take seriously the development of our Analysts by requiring a formal 4 year work commitment prior to attending a leading foreign business school.

The firm encourages, supports – and anticipates – the comprehensive MBA application process of our Analysts. We facilitate time to tour the schools and to interview with its officers and alumni, provide financial support for the GMAT preparation courses, write candid and thorough letters of support, as well as provide a bonus plan that should cover a significant portion of their business school investment.

We expect that our Analysts will view their experiences at our firm as a cornerstone to their professional development, regardless of their choice to return as Associates and eventual Principals, or to take alternate challenges in becoming businesses leaders in the region.